Contaminated Soil

Australian Enviro Services (AES) come across a wide variety of contaminants that impact upon soils, sediments and sludges.  These include inorganic chemicals (such as heavy metals), organic chemicals (such as PAHs, TPH and BTEX) and asbestos (bonded and friable).  Contaminated soil issues need to be correctly addressed within a framework of Local, State and Commonwealth legislative requirements.  AES believes it is important to attain a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations prior to tailoring technical solutions that deliver positive outcomes whilst complying with all legislative requirements.

AES focus on ensuring that a minimum amount of contaminated soil is sent offsite to landfills whilst maximising the amount of material that is retained on-site. The reuse and recycling of material is achieved through on site screening, separation and treatment methods.  When soils cannot be reused or recycled onsite we employ technologies to reduce their waste classification which in turn reduces the cost of offsite disposal. Whenever possible, AES will offer alternative solutions to traditional Total Waste Management to save you money and time.

When the remediation of a site is not achievable through conventional reuse, recycle or disposal means AES can provide engineered solutions to solve technical issues. AES will install containment solutions that will meet your needs, comply with all legislative requirements and make the site acceptable for its designated land use. AES has the experience and knowledge to provide innovative solutions for your environmental problems.